Compassion as cause of bodhisattva

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Geshe Yeshi Lhundup, a senior Dharma teacher at Drepung Loseling Monastery, teaches on Chandrakirti’s “Supplement to the Middle Way,” a classic Buddhist text on Middle Way philosophy and great compassion.

  • Why Chandrakirti supplements Nagarjuna’s text with additional practices
  • Three types of bodhisattvas who have not realized emptiness
  • Methods to achieve the ten bodhisattva bhumis
  • Homage to three types of great compassion
  • Key differences between hearers, solitary realizers, and bodhisattvas
  • Exploring compassion, great compassion and great resolve
02 Praise to Great Compassion with Geshe Yeshi Lhundup: Compassion as Cause of Bodhisattva 04-17-19

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