Working with anger in daily life

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One of two talks given at Wihara Ekayana Serpong in Serpong, Indonesia.

  • The characteristics that unite the varieties of anger
  • Recognizing that anger is harmful and is not our friend
  • Learning to recognize the mental and physical signs of growing angry
  • Working with criticism
  • Antidotes to anger
  • Questions
    • How can I control my temper when I get angry with my children?
    • What can I do when I don’t want to be around someone who has harmed me?
    • Is it okay to be angry at someone to teach them a lesson?
    • How can we help those who are on medication for emotional problems?
    • Does intention affect the weight of karma?

Working with anger in daily life (download)

Wisdom and Compassion : Venerable Thubten Chodron - Wihara Ekayana Serpong

The second talk can be found here.

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