Overcoming anger and frustration

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Meditation and motivation

  • Meditation
  • Setting a proper motivation for listening to the teaching

OAF 01: Motivation (download)

Anger and patience

  • The importance of setting a motivation
  • Definitions of anger and patience

OAF 02: Anger and patience (download)

Anger is not beneficial

  • Identifying the effects of anger
  • Determine whether being angry is ever positive

OAF 03: Anger not beneficial (download)

Antidotes to anger: Part 1

  • Owning our anger instead of blaming others
  • Rethinking self-preoccupation
  • Learning to care for ourselves and others in a wise way

OAF 04: Antidotes (download)

Antidotes to anger: Part 2

  • How we create our own suffering through our rigid, fixed opinions
  • Techniques to counter anger and the judgmental mind

OAF 05: Antidotes (download)

Questions and answers

  • Does parents’ attachment to their children hinder the children’s spiritual growth?
  • How do we handle a colleague who is impatient and demanding?
  • Can you talk about homosexuality?
  • Does karma play a part in our getting angry?
  • Getting angry with one’s girlfriend due to mistrust
  • Being enlisted in the army
  • Attachment to one’s partner
  • How can we help someone who is shuts herself off from the world and is constantly angry with the people around her?
  • Is it okay to show anger with good motivation?
  • How do you keep your patience with someone who drinks a lot and refuses to change?
  • How do you help someone who is manic depressive?
  • How do you help a person who is self-centered?
  • The importance of understanding how our actions can effect our future lives
  • How to deal with other people pushing their religions on you
  • Cloning

OAF 06: Q&A (download)

Conclusion and dedication

OAF 07: Conclusion and dedication (download)

Also refer to Section II of Open Heart, Clear Mind: Working Effectively with Emotions.

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