Return to reality: Love and hate

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Luis is a young man in his early twenties who first came to the Abbey as a child with his mother many years ago. This is part of a series of writings he is working on as he searches for the meaning of love.

Two feelings,
Seemingly independent of one another,
Love bringing joy,
Hate bringing sorrow

Being ignorant of both denies humanity,
Unwilling to accept the joys of life,
Unwilling to accept the sorrows of life,
A terrible prison of the greatest cruelty

Pain is brought upon others when either is ignored,
Ignoring love causing beings to live in intense illusory torture,
Ignoring sorrow causing beings to live in intense illusory pleasure,
Sins of the highest caliber that spawn from the ignorant root of all evil

When both feelings are acknowledged,
A being is brought back from illusion into reality,
A being ashamed for all the pain he has caused,
A being who wishes to never return to either of the sole false paradises of heaven or hell,
A being who wishes to live humbly as a human being on Earth

Featured photo by Brian Auer.

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