Maintaining a steady practice

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A series of commentaries on Mind Training Like Rays of the Sun by Nam-kha Pel, a disciple of Lama Tsongkhapa, given between September 2008 and July 2010.

  • Continuation of the commentary on the “Irreversible Commitments of Mind Training
  • What appears in the text as verse
  • What appears in the text as maxims
  • Practicing mind training in five situations where it is difficult but important
  • How to maintain a steady practice and avoid making Dharma practice dependent on favorable external or internal conditions
  • The meaning of the mind training maxims with examples from contemporary Western life

MTRS 47: The commitments of mind training, part 2 (download)

47 Mind Training Like Rays Of The Sun By Namkha Pel 12 10 09

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