Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Verses 105-107

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An expanded commentary on Dharmarakshita’s The Wheel of Sharp Weapons given at Sravasti Abbey from 2004-2006.

Verses 105-106

  • How things appear but when we search for them, they elude us
  • It seems like the self-grasping ignorance is real and solid, but it also just exists on the appearance level
  • Beginning to see that all the suffering we’ve been through has simply been created by our mind
  • How the person who grasps at true existence and the person who grasps at nihilism have such a similar way of thinking

Wheel of Sharp Weapons (expanded) review: Verses 105-106 (download)

Verse 107

  • How karma can function if things are empty of inherent existent
  • The example of the reflection of the moon in a lake
  • All the situations that we find ourselves in are influenced by our previous karma
  • Dependent arising and emptiness are two sides of the same coin
  • The more we can train ourselves to see things as dependent arising, the less self-grasping we’re going to have

Wheel of Sharp Weapons (expanded): Verse 107 and Q&A (download)

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