Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Verses 34-37

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An expanded commentary on Dharmarakshita’s The Wheel of Sharp Weapons given at Sravasti Abbey from 2004-2006.

  • Wrong views and misconceptions hindering our understanding1
  • The four distortions
  • Using clear appearance and divine identity to counteract negative self views
  • Feeling lost and powerless
  • Weather and environmental calamities
  • Importance of taking and keeping precepts, and going slowly in doing so
  • Feeling greedy and bereft of material wealth
  • Looking at all hardships simply as results of our own past actions ripening on us now
  • Giving charity and making offerings to the Three Jewels

Wheel of Sharp Weapons (expanded): Verses 34-37 (download)

  1. A numbering error occurred in the text used in the teaching, so some of the verse numbers are incorrect in the audio. The verses numbered on this site are the correct ones. 

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