Purification and non-negotiables

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Part of a series of teachings given at the Winter Retreat from January to April 2005 at Sravasti Abbey.

Addressing points raised during retreat

  • Sacrifice of worldly security for Dharma practice
  • Purify uncomfortable situation
  • Clarification of “living in the moment”
  • Etiquette of living in a monastery
  • Right view and making everyday decisions
  • Creating negative karma and wasting time by following our “non-negotiables”

Vajrasattva 03 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Loving ourselves
  • What is attachment?
  • Thinking about the benefits of the practice
  • Romantic idea of being completely compassionate
  • Having time to think about food, sleep, mantra
  • Jealous of others’ merit
  • What are “non-negotiables”?
  • Don’t let your mind go back to Mexico while your body is here

Vajrasattva 04 (download)

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