Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Verses 93-98

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Teachings on Dharmaraksita’s The Wheel-Weapon Mind Training at the Fall 2004 Manjushri Retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, September 10-19, 2004.

Verses 93-94

  • Taking on all the suffering of cyclic existence and afflictions
  • Through critical analysis, seeing the root of harm
  • Having no doubt that self-cherishing is the enemy

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 52 (download)

Verse 95

  • Contemplate the great kindness of others as a part of daily practice
  • Taking and giving

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 53 (download)

Verses 96-97

  • Taking on suffering of others and transform into factors for enlightenment
  • Bodhicitta and wisdom
  • Dedication and wishing best kind of happiness for sentient beings

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 54 (download)

Verse 98

  • Care for each other as we wander in the six realms
  • Survival based on cooperation
  • Seeing that our existence depend on others

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 55 (download)

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