Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Verse 104-Conclusion

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Teachings on Dharmaraksita’s The Wheel-Weapon Mind Training at the Fall 2004 Manjushri Retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, September 10-19, 2004.

Verse 104 (continued)

  • Things exist dependent on causes and conditions
  • Appear one way and exist in another way
  • Example of chocolate cake
  • Appearance of ring of light

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 60 (download)

Verses 105-107

  • Life force has no inner core
  • Realise emptiness
  • How can there be a wheel of karma?
  • Negative thoughts exist by merely labelled, they do not exist from their own side
  • How karma can be empty and still exist

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 61 (download)

Verses 108-111

  • Hell realms and other lower realms
  • Ignorance and afflictions
  • Melody arise from notes, notes also arise dependently
  • Cause and effect
  • We experience joy and pain even though they are empty of inherent existence

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 62 (download)

Verses 112-113

  • Result of happiness is not caused by one moment, it is dependent on many conditions
  • Accumulation of karma

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 63 (download)

Verses 114-117, colophon, and conclusion

  • Meditative equipoise
  • Afflictive and cognitive obscurations

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 64 (download)

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