Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Verses 24-34

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Teachings on Dharmaraksita’s The Wheel-Weapon Mind Training at the Fall 2004 Manjushri Retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, September 10-19, 2004.

Verse 24

  • Companions not getting along
  • Maintaining good character wherever we are
  • Not having ulterior motives
  • Being a pleasant person

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 12 (download)

Verse 25

  • Harboring evil intention towards others
  • Others appearing as enemies to us

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 13 (download)

Verse 26

  • Misusing possessions
  • Having chronic disease

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 14 (download)

Verse 27

Breaking our vows and precepts causes sudden acute health problems. Avoid breaking even basic commitments.

  • Having sudden acute health problem

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 15 (download)

Verses 28-29

  • Obscurations in our minds
    • Misguided actions like choosing worldly things instead of Dharma
    • Disrespecting teachers and text
  • Finding Dharma teachings hard to understand
  • Falling asleep or being slothful during Dharma practice

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 16 (download)

Verse 30

  • Meditating on death and impermanence, disadvantages of cyclic existence
  • Be disenchanted by samsaric pleasures
  • Find true, enduring happiness from Dharma
  • Delighting in afflictions and greatly distracted

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 17 (download)

Verses 31-32

  • Not living in the laws of cause and effect, one regresses
  • For pujas and prayers to be effective, one must have good karma
  • Things get worse instead of better
  • Relying on forces of darkness

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 18 (download)

Verse 33

  • Prayers to Three Jewels remain ineffectual
  • If we invest our lives in creating the causes of goodness, goodness will come

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 19 (download)

Verse 34

  • Vanquish negative conceptions
  • Unless we have created the karma to be harmed, we will not be harmed

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 20 (download)

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