Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Verses 63-71

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Teachings on Dharmaraksita’s The Wheel-Weapon Mind Training at the Fall 2004 Manjushri Retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, September 10-19, 2004.

Verses 63-64

  • While we do not know very much, we are inflated
  • Little understanding
  • Friends and teachers
  • Rather than rely on sentient beings, rely on the Three Jewels

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 36 (download)

Verse 65

  • Foundation of humanity is ethical discipline
  • Having high status, being a great teacher

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 37 (download)

Verses 66-67

  • Avoid being smug and complacent
  • Views are lofty but deeds worse than a dog
  • Protecting self-centeredness and blaming others

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 38 (download)

Verses 68-69

  • Wearing robes does not save you from non-virtue
  • Having wrong refuge

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 39 (download)

Verses 70-71

  • Live in solitude but distracted, divination and shamanism
  • Clinging to household
  • Attachment to reputation is more difficult to give up than attachment to food

Wheel of Sharp Weapons 40 (download)

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