The two truths and karma

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Part of a series of teachings given from March 6-11, 2010, at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Realizing emptiness doesn’t refute conventional existence nor does it establish emptiness as ultimately real
  • The two truths are like two channels on a radio; both are valid and necessary
  • How karma creates a legitimate way of making designations
  • Comparison of two ways of explaining how karma works—the seed model and the disintegratedness model
  • Tsongkhapa’s emphasis on analysis and the conventional level

Guy Newland on the Two Truths 02: Karma (download)

Part 2.1

03 The Two Truths -Presented by Guy Newland 3-6-10

Part 2.2

04 The Two Truths -Presented by Guy Newland 3-7-10

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