Buddhist nuns

Guidance from teachers of various Buddhist traditions on the importance of ensuring that women experience full equality in their opportunity to practice and teach the Dharma.

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Stained glass in an Anglican church.
Interfaith Dialogue

Love unbounded

Delight in contemplating life within a religious community.

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Monastic Life

Relevance of Vinaya in modern circumstances

A description of the Vinaya and the many instructions it contains on daily life, followed…

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A group of Buddhist and Catholic nuns visiting the Abbey.
Interfaith Dialogue

Comparing and contrasting views

A comparison of religious views to support interfaith practice.

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Venerables Tarpa, Saldon, and Chodron standing outside in the lower Abbey meadow.
Interfaith Dialogue

A bhikshuni’s view

A brief overview of how Buddhist monastic traditions spread and adapt to new cultures.

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Venerable Kechog Palmo sitting on the floor, smiling, looking at Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, also smiling.
Tibetan Tradition

The first Western bhikshuni in the Tibetan tradition

Freda Bedi was the first Western nun in the Tibetan tradition to receive bhikshuni ordination.

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