Venerable Jampa Tsedroen

Jampa Tsedroen (born 1959 in Holzminden, Germany) is a German Bhiksuni. An active teacher, translator, author, and speaker, she is instrumental in campaigning for equal rights for Buddhist nuns. (Bio by Wikipedia)

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A group of Tibetan nuns.
Tibetan Tradition

Ordination of buddhist nuns

Progress on the revival of Mūlasarvāstivāda bhikṣuṇī ordination.

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Portrait of Bhikshuni Jampa Tsedroen
Blossoms of the Dharma

A practical approach to Vinaya

The gradual approach for monastic ordination, in a Dharma center in Germany, to create a…

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Venerable Chodron with Venerable Tsedroen and other nuns.
Monastic Life

Relevance of Vinaya in modern circumstances

A description of the Vinaya and the many instructions it contains on daily life, followed…

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