Auxiliary afflictions

24 Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature

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Part of an ongoing series of teachings (retreat and Friday) based on the book Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature, the third volume in The Library of Wisdom and Compassion series by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Venerable Thubten Chodron.

  • Eradicating wrong views and innate afflictions
  • Afflictions based on anger
  • Wrath, resentment, spite, jealousy, cruelty
  • Recognizing afflictions in our mind and applying the antidotes
  • Afflictions derived from attachment
  • Miserliness, haughtiness, restlessness
  • Afflictions related to ignorance
  • Concealment, lethargy, laziness
  • Concealing negative actions and purification
  • Laziness leading to engaging in meaningless activities or discouragement

Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature 24: Auxiliary Afflictions (download)

24 Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature: Auxiliary Afflictions 06-18-21

Contemplation points

  1. We have many auxiliary afflictions – those derived from anger, attachment and ignorance. Consider each of them. Which of the auxiliary afflictions do you see in yourself the most?
  2. Make an example for each auxiliary affliction from your own experience and think about an antidote that can be applied to counteract it. Make a chart of the results. You can make your practice even richer and add more antidotes, if you wish.
  3. What prevents you from learning and applying the antidotes? Note this in your chart as a guide for times when you are struggling.

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