Clarity, confidence and courage

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A dharma student answers the questions:

How would my life change if confusion was replaced with unwavering clarity? What if I never again doubted myself but instead had firm confidence in my potential? Who could I become if I not once hesitated but carried on with courage?

Confusion keeps me stuck
Keeps me spinning in circles
Of useless endeavors and
Meaningless achievements 

Self-doubt holds me back
Pushes me down
Discouraged, depressed
Unable to continue

Fear locks me in place or else
Traps me in comfort
Longing for what lies beyond reach
But too scared to try

Imagine no more spinning in circles
No more dark, pitiful places 
Or self-made cages
That keep me so far from peace

A clarity – unwavering 
A confidence – rooted in truth
A courage – unshakable 
These, my aspirations, will lead me there

Just try…pretend, experiment, play act
First, just imagining 
Then, again and again practicing
Finally, these arise without effort 

If all that blocks my highest aspirations
Are thoughts of confusion, doubt and fear
Then, all that is needed to achieve my aims
Are thoughts of clarity, confidence and courage

No mountains need to move
No seas need to part
Not even the slightest external thing
Needs to change

Just a turn of the mind
A change of perspective
Different thoughts to replace
Ones that never served me.

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