Buddhist tenet systems: Question and answers part 2

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Part of a series of talks on the key points of the four main Buddhist tenet systems.

  • What is a neutral afflictive mental factor?
  • Can you explain the analogy of the mind like an ocean?
  • To what degree could the afflictions arise in a mind that actualizes the various tenets?
  • Explain the position of existence of external reality for each tenet school
  • Why make a designation of external and internal reality if both are merely designated?
  • Is the Prasangika assertion of merely designated the same as the mind-only assertion?
  • Can one attain Buddhahood holding the Cittamatra view?
  • The person is an abstract composite
  • What is your personal conclusion as to the nature of reality?
  • What factors contribute to making wise choices in life?
  • What is the difference between sutra and tantra?
  • Why is the Sautantrika school used for lorig studies?
  • What is important to understand about mental factors in terms of attaining liberation?
  • The difference between designation on the aggregates and in dependence upon the aggregates
  • The power of the words “mine” and “my”
06 Q&A Session with Ven. Chodron 09-20-20

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