Buddhist tenet systems: Question and answers part 3

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Part of a series of talks on the key points of the four main Buddhist tenet systems.

  • Review of the root of cyclic existence according to each tenet school
  • Could the word paradigm be used for tenets?
  • How doe the difference between tenet schools relate to practice?
  • Why is “person” and abstract composite?
  • How does karma go from one life to the next?
  • When I touch the table do I touch the basis?
  • Are wholes and parts dependent on each other?
  • Are there different levels of dependent designation?
  • Explain the three types of dependent origination
  • Does dependent designation mean things don’t exist until they are given a name?
  • How are the second and third level of dependency different?
  • What are some beginning texts to study Madhyamaka?
09 Q&A with Ven. Sangye Khadro

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