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The human story

Closeup of the face of a baby.

Luis is a young man in his early twenties who first came to the Abbey as a child with his mother many years ago. This is part of a series of writings he is working on as he searches for the meaning of love.

Each life starts innocently,
Entering into a new world,
With many unknown sights,
With many unknown chapters

The world at first seems to be perfect,
A utopia seemingly perfect,
Devoid of any flaws,
Beauty perceived untainted

Then challenges arise,
Cataclysms that shatter the world around us,
Causing our perceptions and values to change,
Causing many hearts to become broken

Yet in this brokenness and pain can a heart truly grow,
Once it has the courage to realize that it is not alone,
Universally sharing this transition with its fellow humans,
Only then with individual heart awakened can it begin to rise back up,
Into a reality that exhibits the true essence of human nature,
So then can one’s own human story be completely written

Excerpt of photo by Amila Pradeep.
Guest Author: Luis

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