Two men hugging.

Luis is a young man in his early twenties who first came to the Abbey as a child with his mother many years ago. This is part of a series of writings he is working on as he searches for the meaning of love.

Many connections exist in the world,
Humans socializing with one another,
Chattering occurring among one other,
Sharing thoughts and ideas.

Many connections have become tainted,
Humans distrusting one another’s words,
Becoming controlling and abusive to one another,
Becoming prisoners of attachment.

Houses fall without solid brick,
Houses fall without solid foundation,
Houses without a base story all crumble,
Houses without this principle are sure to fail.

Friendships based on true understanding is fundamental,
Friendships that bear the weight of disappointments,
Friendships that bear the imperfections of others,
Friendships that bear the mistakes of humanity.

Bonds occur by always being there for someone,
Bonds never forsake their allies,
Bonds never break despite constant bombardment,
Bonds occur by loving and helping unconditionally.

Formation of bonds breathes freedom,
Formation of bonds grants independence,
Formation of bonds deluges individuality,
Formation of bonds respects conviction.

A strong foundation has the option to be built upon,
A strong foundation has the freedom to be with or without addition,
A strong foundation has the strength to be independent,
A strong foundation has the courage to be resilient to the tests of time.

Photo © Tony Alter.
Guest Author: Luis

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