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Earth and Water

Earth and Water

Large body of water with mountains in background.

Luis is a young man in his early twenties who first came to the Abbey as a child with his mother many years ago. This is part of a series of writings he is working on as he searches for the meaning of love.

Many are looked down upon at the expression of true emotions,
Labeling them as symptoms of mental illness,
Downplaying them as signs of weakness,
Considering them as trivia of modern progression

Locking away those feelings denies one’s humanity,
Toxins form that slowly eat away a person,
Bit by bit draining the warmness from the heart,
Leaving a barren wasteland in its wake

Tears of water come forth,
Tears of realization opening up a long forgotten soil,
Tears of sadness drenching its roots,
Tears of nourishment strengthening the core

Plants bear fruit when they are watered,
Budding petals of promise,
Sprouting sweet-smelling blossoms of joy,
Turning the land into a sea of vibrant color

Earth and water share this beautiful cycle,
Earth providing a foundation in which life can live,
Water providing nourishment from which life can grow,
Joining the two together revealing the true essence of life

Featured image excerpt of photo by junaidrao.
Guest Author: Luis

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