Quiz questions Part 9 for Precious Garland

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  1. Describe how attachment, anger, and confusion interfere with the collection of merit and wisdom.
  2. What are non-attachment, non-anger, and non-confusion? What are their results?
  3. What is the Dharma for someone seeking higher rebirth? What is the Dharma for someone seeking the highest good?
  4. What actions does Nagarjuna recommend to enhance the collection of merit?
  5. How does Nagarjuna recommend relating to people who are teach a wrong path or are otherwise unworthy of respect and offerings?
  6. What activities does he recommend to fulfill the collection of wisdom?
  7. What are the fourteen ways Nagarjuna advises the king to use his wealth for the collective good of the populace? What effects will doing these have on the king? What effects will they have on the populace?
  8. What tips does he give the king to govern properly?
  9. Should you always give what others want?
  10. What do you make of the advice to give maidens and items for their support?
  11. What is the meaning of giving away one’s spouse, children, etc.
  12. Why is it important to be sensitive to what someone needs when being generous? Is it ever appropriate to give poison? To act in a way that causes others physical or mental pain? If so, in what circumstances are these actions suitable, who is suitable to do them, and what must the motivation be?

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