Quiz questions for Precious Garland: Verses 25-36

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Part 2 of quiz questions covering the talks on Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland of Advice for a King.

  1. Why is the wisdom realizing emptiness essential for liberation?
  2. What is the object apprehended by the wisdom realizing emptiness? What is the apprehended object of ignorance?
  3. Why is emptiness subtle, profound (deep), and appearing?
  4. What is a childish person? What are the steps to overcome being childish?
  5. Why are childish people frightened when they hear about emptiness? How do they misunderstand emptiness?
  6. What is the danger/disadvantages of misunderstanding emptiness?
  7. What are the two meanings of the word “self”?
  8. What are acquired and innate afflictions? Which are eliminated first?
  9. What is the relationship between ignorance and the view of personal identity? What is the conceived object of ignorance? According to Prasangikas, which is the root of samsara? How do they keep us trapped in samsara?
  10. Explain the meaning of “Phenomena are ultimately false and conventionally existent.”
  11. What appears to the aryas’ meditative equipoise on emptiness? What does not appear to that mind?
  12. What is a conventional reliable cognizer? What does it apprehend? Is it mistaken? Erroneous? Does it realize emptiness?
  13. Explain the analogy of the reflection in the mirror.
  14. Explain the four point analysis to meditate on the emptiness of the I. How does the I appear to the innate I-grasping mind?
  15. Some people say that freedom from all conceptuality is liberation? Is this correct? Why or why not?
  16. Which comes first, the appearance of the aggregates or the appearance of the I? Which comes first grasping the aggregates as truly existent or grasping the I as truly existent?
  17. Why do we meditate on the emptiness of the I before the emptiness of the aggregates?
  18. If, as long as there is grasping the aggregates as truly existent, grasping the I as truly existent will arise, how is it possible to realize the emptiness of the I before the emptiness of the aggregates?
  19. What are the three phases in the 12 links?
  20. Can bodhicitta cut the root of samsara? Why or why not?
  21. Bodhisattvas pledge to remain in samsara until all sentient beings are liberated? Since sentient beings are countless, do bodhisattvas ever attain full awakening?

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