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Our capacity for kindness

Part of a series of teachings from the Developing Compassion Retreat in 2015.

  • Discussion
    • Recognizing others’ and our own suffering
    • Recognizing the self-centered thought and not allowing it to usurp our virtue
    • Being a steward of our mindstream
  • Reviewing the conditions for compassion
  • Bringing specific sentient beings to mind in our meditation, appreciating:
    • Kindness of friends without attachment
    • Kindness of parents regardless of our view of their parenting
    • Kindness of teachers and mentors
    • Kindness of strangers
    • Kindness of enemies who show us what we need to work on
  • Understanding the situation of cyclic existence that we all live with

Sravasti Abbey Monastics

The monastics of Sravasti Abbey endeavor to live generously through dedicating their lives to the Buddha's teachings, practicing them earnestly, and offering them to others. They live simply, as the Buddha did, and offer a model for society at large, showing that ethical discipline contributes to a morally grounded society. Through actively developing their own qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, and wisdom, the monastics aspire to make Sravasti Abbey a beacon for peace in our conflict-torn world. Learn more about monastic life here...