Judgmental mind, kindness and compassion

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Part of a series of teachings given at a weekend retreat on environmental activism at Sravasti Abbey, August 31 to September 3, 2007.

Review of judgmental attitude discussion

  • The happiness and suffering of friends, strangers, enemies

Activism with altruism 06a (download)

Proper understanding of kindness and compassion

  • Kindness of our parents and others
  • Kindness is not weakness
  • Foundation of compassion is not being overwhelmed by suffering
  • Suffering and its causes

Activism with altruism 06b (download)

Questions and answers

  • Using equanimity to have compassion for both sides of an environmental problem
  • Having patience for our own actions that harm the environment
  • Recognition that everyone who invented items that are now polluting the environment had a good motivation to benefit people
  • Importance of bringing the Dharma to all sentient beings
  • Where does responsibility fit into the environmental issues and how do we avoid feeling like a victim?
  • What are the motivations we should remember when we wake up in the morning?

Activism with altruism 06: Q&A (download)

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