Changing our wrong conceptions

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A public talk given at Vajrayana institute in Sydney, Australia, based on the book Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

  • Our mind and the way we think is what makes us angry, not other people
  • We are convinced that the cause of our suffering and happiness is outside of us
  • An antidote to a mental affliction is always going to be the opposite of what our deluded mind wants to do
  • If you are going to be selfish, be wisely selfish and care for others because it alleviates your suffering
  • View those who harm you as kind—you cannot practice fortitude without someone harming you
  • Dharma practice means transforming your mind
  • It is the people who challenge us who make us look inside, see what our resources are, and let go of wrong conceptions
  • If we change the way we think, we change our experience

Don’t believe everything you think (download)

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