Bodhisattva ethical restraints: The five hindrances

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Part of a series of talks on the bodhisattva ethical restraints. The talks from March 7-10, 2012, are concurrent with the teachings on Nagarjuna given by Guy Newland, which are often referred to in the teachings.

  • Auxiliary vows 24-26 are to eliminate obstacles to the far-reaching practice of meditative stabilization. Abandon:
    • 25. Not abandoning the five obscurations which hinder meditative stabilization: excitement and regret, harmful thought, sleep and dullness, desire, and doubt.
      • Ill will
      • Desire
      • Doubt
20 Bodhisattva Ethical Restraints: Hindrances of Ill Will, Desire, and Doubt 3-10-12

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