Jun 18, 2011

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On Working with Afflictions

A new friendship

A remarkable story of treating a drunken thief with dignity and compassion instead of responding…

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A woman prostrating.
On Refuge and Bodhicitta

The secret to happiness

Reflections on the benefits of doing a three-year retreat, and how letting go of self-cherishing…

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Abbey statue of Samantabhadra.
Texts to Recite and Contemplate

La Reyna de las Plegarias

Una introducción, y texto completo a esta inspiradora plegaria que puede llenar de optimismo nuestra…

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A wooden keepsake box.
On Impermanence

A treasured possession

A retreatant shares on how she lost a valued piece of jewelry but gained an…

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Organ donation card.
Helping the Dying and Deceased

Organ donation is a personal decision

Contemplating organ donation? Only you can say if it's right or wrong for you, but…

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Sunlight streaming through the tress onto a snowy path in the woods
On Mindfulness

A chosen life

What if a person who looks different could impart life-changing wisdom. Open one's heart and…

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Transforming War and Terrorism

Tears on the front lawn

A student shares on the emotional impact of a memorial event for the soldiers killed…

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His Holiness touching his forehead to the head of a Catholic monk.
Interfaith Dialogue

Religious diversity and religious harmony

Speaking with people of differing religious beliefs gives us the chance to grow. How do…

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A bouquet of white lilacs in a mason jar.
Dealing with Grief

A prayer for my mother

The loss of a loved one can be painful. Help soothe the pain with this…

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Woman with palms together.
On Cultivating Virtue

Serving one’s spiritual mentor

How a Dharma student’s motivation was strengthened by offering service to her teacher.

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Times Square
On Attachment


The overwhelming effect of social media and technology, making one's daily life feel like a…

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World religions section of bookstore.
Interfaith Dialogue

Exploring world religions and Buddhism

Recommended reading exploring different religious traditions as they relate to Buddhism.

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