Jun 18, 2011

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Interfaith Dialogue

In the land of identities

What is identity? Past experience does not have to determine what we do now. Examining…

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On Mindfulness

Vanquishing depression and anxiety

It is possible to free oneself from reacting negatively to life through meditation and practice.

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On Working with Afflictions

Getting back on track

Studying the Dharma can give us insight into how our self-imposed pain leads to more…

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A page from a book about Zen.
On Love, Compassion, and Bodhicitta


The path to awakening can start anywhere, at any time.

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Long line of cars in a traffic jam on the highway.
By Prison Volunteers

Prisons of the mind

A person in prison relates how he feels more free than those outside who are…

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Close up of Kwan Yin's face
On Love, Compassion, and Bodhicitta

Kwan Yin

A person in prison reflects on the many forms of the bodhisattva Kwan Yin.

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On Overcoming Anger

Reflections on anger

Stories from incarcerated people about their struggles with anger and other afflictions.

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Prison Poetry


Finding the way out of samsara and ignorance.

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Helping the Dying and Deceased

Practicing for a loved one who is ill

Advice for a student struggling with her Dharma practice since the onset of her mother's…

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Dharma in Daily Life

Who is making this decision, anyway?

The criteria that help us make Dharma-inspired decisions and how reflecting on emptiness can give…

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Cultivating Compassion

Building courage and compassion

Cultivating compassion towards those whose values seem to be completely different than ours.

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