Jun 18, 2011

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Venerable Damcho during her head-shaving ceremony.
Becoming a Monastic

Letter to those considering monastic ordination

Advice and resources for those considering monastic life, and special advice for those who are…

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A man looking down in contemplation.
On Love, Compassion, and Bodhicitta

Sticking to my principles

A person in prison describes how his courage to live the Dharma increases even though…

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A man staring out a window.
On Overcoming Anger

Remaining calm

Applying the Dharma restrains a person in prison from violence and trouble.

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Hand-painted sign that says '$5.00 for whining'.
On Self-Worth

No more whining

Complaining doesn't change an unpleasant situation: it only causes more suffering and negative thoughts. A…

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Man with eyes closed.
On Mindfulness

Let the mind see the mind

A person in prison shares on how his daily practice is transforming his view of…

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Venerable Chodron in the early years of her ordination.
A Nun's Life

You’re becoming a what?

Venerable Thubten Chodron shares her experience as a Westerner who made the decision to become…

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Western Monastics

Western Buddhist nuns

What it's like to be a Buddhist nun in the West, the challenges faced and…

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