The source of happiness and problems

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A talk given at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin on July 6, 2007.

  • Our minds are ruled by self-grasping ignorance and the self-centered thought
  • We create and star in our own dramas based on the self-centered thought
  • Low self-esteem, guilt, blame, anger all come from the focus on self: I, me, my and mine
  • Developing compassion creates happiness
  • Wishing all sentient beings to be free of suffering and its causes

Emotional Health: The source of happiness and problems (download)

Questions and answers

  • Steps to subdue the craving mind
  • Turn away from the feeling of discontentment in daily life
  • How media creates a sense of “us” and “them”
  • Separating negative desires and positive aspirations
  • Cultivating internal happiness without enhancing self-centeredness
  • Dealing with self-pity

Emotional Health: Q&A (download)

SAFE 1A Week 2: Source of Happiness and Problems

Part 2: Transforming the judgmental mind

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