Dealing with distractions

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A talk given at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in Castle Rock, Washington on September 9, 2004.


  • Cultivating contentment
  • Noticing the dissatisfied mind
  • Developing a clear state

Discontentment (download)

Physical pain: part one

  • Getting exercise
  • Physical versus mental pain
  • Self-centered mind

Dealing with physical pain 01 (download)

Physical pain: part two

  • Getting exercise outside of the meditation session
  • Observing the mind’s reaction to physical pain
  • Letting go of mental fabrications about the pain
  • Doing the taking and giving meditation

Dealing with physical pain 02 (download)

Restless energy

  • Overcoming restlessness
  • Observing our energy
  • Identifying emotional states

Restless energy (download)

Distractions: part one

  • The mind’s stories
  • Counteracting the distracted mind

Distractions 01 (download)

Distractions: part two

  • Mediation and thought patterns
  • Attachment and the antidotes
  • Questioning unrealistic views

Distractions 02 (download)


  • Seeing yourself
  • Antidotes to drowsiness

Drowsiness (download)


  • Awareness of the mind
  • Responding to feelings

Tickling sensations (download)


  • Examining its causes
  • Working with pain

Squirming (download)

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