The past and future of the bhikshuni sangha in the West

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A talk give to The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC). In English with Chinese Translation.

  • Preserving and passing the Dharma teachings to future generations
  • The bhikshuni sangha in west from a personal perspective
  • The importance of a monastery and monastics for the existence of the Dharma
  • Establishing Sravasti Abbey and a Western sangha community
  • The vision for the future of Sravasti Abbey
  • The relationship of the Abbey and the lay community
  • Strength in the diversity of the Abbey community
  • Questions
    • What are the differences between monastics living in community and those on their own?
    • Are there any other bhikshuni monestaries in the USA?
    • Do you have texts translated for the sangha?
    • Do you have tips for teaching the Dharma when speaking at colleges?
    • In this degenerate time does the sangha have responsibility in upholding the Dharma?
    • How do we develop a sense of confidence in our ability to attain full awakening?

The past and future of the bhikshuni sangha in the West (download)

11-23-18 The Past and Future of the Bhikshuni Sangha in the West

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