Is what we think true?

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A series of talks given at Maitripa College based on the book Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

Session 1: Debating with our crazy minds

  • Examples of how to use syllogisms to correct our wrong views
    • We’re worthwhile because we have Buddha nature and can become a fully awakened being
  • Compassion and having a bigger picture alleviates our afflictions
Session 1 – Venerable Chodron on "Is What We Think True?"

Session 2: Discussion on syllogisms

  • A brief meditation
  • Group discussion
Session 2 – Venerable Chodron on "Is What We Think True?

Session 3: Group sharing on syllogisms

  • Using syllogisms to develop correct understanding
  • Recognizing the habitual patterns in thoughts and recreating how we think about ourselves
Session 3 – Venerable Chodron on "Is What We Think True?"

PDF of a chart on syllogism.

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