Understanding the tenet systems

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Part of a series of teachings on the tenet systems given at Sravasti Abbey in 2008. The root text of the teachings is Presentation of Tenets written by Gon-chok-jik-may-wang-bo.

  • Subtle selflessness of person
  • Autonomous substantial existence
  • Objects abandoned by the path: afflictive and non-afflictive ignorance
  • Explaining the nature of the path: accumulation, preparation, seeing, familiarization/meditation, no more learning
  • Uninterrupted path/forbearance and path of liberation/knowledge
  • Four noble truths
  • Importance of understanding tenet systems

Geshe Damdul Tenets 07 (download)

07 Understanding the Tenet Systems with Geshe Dorji Damdul 09-15-08

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