Attaining and balancing material, emotional and spiritual wealth

A workshop at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore on November 22, 2004.

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  • What does money mean to you? (download)

    A guided checking meditation on the meaning of money in our lives.

    Discussion after the meditation (download)

    Topics covered:

    • Long-term perspective of what is best for the family
    • How we determine how much money is enough
    • Whether money can give us security for old age

    Self-centeredness versus cherishing others (download)

    The disadvantages of being self-centered and the benefits of cherishing others. What it means to love and to be kind to ourselves.

    Questions and answers (download)

    • Encouraging ourselves to meditate
    • Practices to purify negative karma
    • How to find a reliable teacher
    • Parent-child relationships

    Meditation pointers on our relationship to money

    Ask yourself, to what extent does money:

    • Represent success in your life? How much do you evaluate other people as successful depending on how much money they have? How much do you evaluate yourself as successful depending how much money you have?
    • Represent security for you? How much do you save money because you’re seeking security?
    • Symbolize love? How much do you give money to the people you care about to symbolize that care? How often do you give money to the people you love because you can’t be there, using money as a substitute for your loving presence?
    • Symbolize power? How much do you think that people with a lot of money are more powerful? How much do you use money to wield your power with other people?
    • Symbolize freedom and independence, the ability to do what you want?
    • Indicate your values? How much do you use money in support of your ethical or spiritual values?
    • Symbolize pleasure, your ability to have pleasure and to get the things you want?

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