Living a happy life: Covid or not

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An online talk jointly organized by the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia, Buddhist Gem Fellowship, Friends of Sravasti Abbey Singapore, and the Butterworth Lay Buddhist Society.

  • The pandemic prompts us to reexamine our lives and priorities
  • Using the pandemic to change and develop talents
  • Generosity includes letting others care for us and give to us
  • Renewing relationships that were disrupted
  • Working on our self-confidence
  • Stop making up stories and worrying
  • Questions and answers
    • Can you explain the taking and giving meditation?
    • How can we help someone living alone and thinking negatively?
    • How do we fix a relationship if others are not ready?
    • What is the best way to help our parents?
    • How can we help someone be generous?
    • How can we help a non-Buddhist who is dying?
  • The Buddha Hall project at Sravasti Abbey
Living A Happy Life Covid Or Not by Ven Thubten Chodron 9 May 2021

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