Living a happy monastic life

03 Exploring Monastic Life 2021

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Part of a series of teachings given during Sravasti Abbey’s annual Exploring Monastic Life program in 2021.

  • How to have a happy mind as a monastic
  • Learning to see others as kind
  • Overcoming counterproductive tendencies
  • Questions and answers
  • The Ariyapariyesana Sutta on false objects of refuge
03 Exploring Monastic Life Living a Happy Monastic Life 07 30 21

Discussion Group Questions

  1. What religion or worldview did you grow up with? What ideas influenced you?
  2. What aspects of this religion/worldview did you start to question, have difficulty with?
  3. What aspects of this religion/worldview do you still agree with, or did you find helpful?
  4. What ideas in Buddhism make sense, which you didn’t find in your religion of origin?

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