Prostrations to the 35 Buddhas Practice

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Teaching on The Bodhisattvas’ Confession of Ethical Downfalls, Prostrations to the 35 Buddhas given by Venerable Sangye Khadro at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Recommended reading
  • Overview of karma and how we purify
  • The Sutra of the Three Heaps as the source of the practice
  • Visualizing during the practice
  • Identified areas of the practice:
    • Four opponent powers
    • Six perfections
    • Three heaps
    • Four kayas
  • Benefits of prostrations
  • Advice on doing prostrations as a preliminary practice (ngöndro)
  • The importance of including meditation on emptiness
  • The five Buddha families and their association with the five aggregates, afflictions, and the five wisdoms


Prostrations to the 35 Buddhas Practice with Venerable Sangye Khadro 12-27-20

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