Boundless wisdom and compassion

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Part of a series of talks based on the book Practical Ethics and Profound Emptiness given at the Phendeling Center for Tibetan Buddhsim in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Introduction to the book and Chapter 3 of Precious Garland
  • Cultivating compassion is important for everyone, not just spiritual practitioners
  • Seeing the disadvantages of the self-centered thought and not following it
  • Compassion is caring without the stickiness of attachment
  • The two kinds of wisdom
  • The wisdom of how karma and it’s effects function
  • The wisdom of how things actually exist
  • Questions
    • Is it okay to have sadness along with compassion?
    • How do you find compassion for someone who has abused you?
    • How do you live ethically in a system that is unethical?
    • How do you make decisions in an ethical way?

Developing boundless wisdom and compassion 01 (download)

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