Quiz questions Part 7 for Precious Garland

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  1. What are the four means of attracting others in order to guide them in the Dharma? What does it mean to guide someone in the Dharma? What is the range of activities you may do? What are the internal requirements to engage in each type of activity?
  2. Why is speaking the truth important for you personally, for others, and for society? What are the disadvantages of using our speech unwisely?
  3. What does it mean to speak truthfully?
  4. Describe the trainings in generosity, tranquility, and wisdom. What are their benefits? How can you cultivate them?
  5. Why are special friends important? What are characteristics to look for when choosing them?
  6. Why is contemplating our death important? What is the conclusion we should reach from doing this meditation? What are incorrect conclusions?
  7. How does remembering our mortality relate to abiding in good ethical conduct and making wise decisions in life?
  8. What are the disadvantages of intoxicants? How can you avoid them when family and friends are using them?
  9. Why does Nagarjuna go into such detail about the foulness of the body of someone we’re sexually attracted to?
  10. Describe the meditation on the foulness of the body. How does this meditation affect your mind?
  11. How does considering the foulness of your own body affect you? What is the purpose of contemplating this?
  12. How can you give up making others afraid—not just of your killing and eating them, but in other ways too? What can you do to make others happy?

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