The conversation

The conversation

Women conversing.

I walk into the room and take a seat.
Filled with a sense of curiosity for the conversation taking place.
I look around the room.
The sun is streaming through the windows
It’s a beautiful day outside.

I place my attention onto the conversation unfolding before me.
A: “Did you hear the way she talked to me?”
B: “ Yea, she was quite nasty and rude.”
C: “Don’t take it personally, she is probably having a bad day”

A: “I should go tell her about herself!”
B: “Just because she is having a bad day, doesn’t mean she should emotionally vomit on everybody.”
C: “Let it go, I am sure she didn’t intentionally mean to hurt you.”
B: “I know, but still…”
C: “People say and do things they don’t mean when they are in pain and hurting.”
A: “That doesn’t give her the right.”

A new voice chimes in, a child
Child: “What’s going on?”
I respond, “Someone was not so nice.”
Child: “Oh, who is winning the argument?”
“Don’t know yet, it remains to be seen.”
Child: “Don’t you get tired of listening to these guys?”
“Well,” I say, “It’s interesting to me because usually the one who is the loudest wins the argument.”
“Really,” as she takes my hand, “It’s beautiful outside, let’s go take a walk in the sun.”
I stand up and we walk towards the door and I say, “This conversation does get a bit old.”
She asks, “Who do you think will win the debate?”
“I think you.”
I step outside and close the door on my committee.

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Guest Author: Palza

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