The mindfulness craze

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A talk given during the How to be a Bodhisattva Retreat at Sravasti Abbey in 2015.

  • Sharing from a New Yorker article on the mindfulness movement
  • How Buddhist teachings on mindfulness exist within an ethical framework and the Buddhist worldview
  • How to practice mindfulness of the present moment from a Buddhist perspective
  • Shantideva’s teachings on mindfulness
  • How mindfulness practice leads us to wisdom and full awakening through the four establishments of mindfulness
  • Questions and answers
    • The benefits of the Western approach to mindfulness
    • Tying the mind to mantra recitation
    • Mindfulness and compassion-focused therapy
    • The future of the secular mindfulness movement
    • Viewing the mindfulness movement without arrogance
07-18-15 The Mindfulness Craze

The second talk in this retreat series can be found here.

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