Ethical conduct and emptiness

“Wheel of Sharp Weapons”: Verses 71-116

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A series of teachings on the Wheel of Sharp Weapons by Dharmarakshita at the request of Osel Shen Phen Ling in Missoula, Montana. The root text can be found in Mind Training: The Essential Collection translated by Thupten Jinpa.

  • Right livelihood and taking things that have not been freely offered
  • Bragging about our qualities, when our meditation is still poor
  • Ignorant to outer manipulations and ignoring those that are truly kind
  • The importance of loyalty and repaying the kindness of others
  • How understanding dependent arising and emptiness should deepen our practice of ethical conduct
04 Wheel of Sharp Weapons Missoula Verses 71 to 116 10-27-13

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