Identifying types of objects based on cognition

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Part of a series of teachings on the text Presentation of Mind and Awareness, Composite of All the Important Points, Opener of the Eye of New Intelligence by Geshe Jampel Sampel given from August 2012 to April 2013 at Sravasti Abbey.

  • How the mind’s involvement with the eight worldly concerns and concern for the happiness of this life leads to negative actions and misery
  • The need to look at the motivation for our everyday activities
  • Creating the causes for happiness beyond this life—for a good rebirth, liberation and enlightenment
  • Discussion on identifying the types of objects of cognition with examples according to the Sautrantika view
  • Sautrantika classification will aid in learning the Prasangika view of objects

Mind and Awareness 07: Identifying types of objects (download)

07 Presentation of Mind and Awareness 9-20-12

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