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Upon life’s journey

Upon life’s journey

Man walking out of a tunnel toward light.
Photo by Tim Daniels

Recently I was sentenced to two counts of life without parole. For years,
waiting for trial, I was very greedy. I was willing to put others through the hardship of
the horrendous ordeal of a murder trial. After the jury was selected, I thought to myself,
“I have been studying Dharma, but am I really applying it?” I had been so attached to
the life I once knew outside of incarceration. This was an opportunity to put the wants
and needs of others before my own selfish desire. So I took the plea in order to prevent so many sentient beings from having to endure horrific images and such a negative story.

I have humbled myself. I’m content with that. The Buddhadharma has helped
tremendously in my path through samsara. Below is a poem I wrote two hours before I
agreed to the plea.

Upon life’s journey did I travel.
Happen chanced a cataclysmic tragedy,
Fueled by greed
Overwhelmed through animosity
Rooted in ignorance.
For half a decade deception bloomed,
Until one day
Darkness erased
Truth prevailed.
The gravity of compassion did I enter.
The endeavor was sustained
The lie was ended.
Upon life’s journey did I travel
The experience of awakening.

Guest Author: A. R.

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