Examining anger and it’s antidotes

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A talk given at the Manjushri Vihara Temple in Tainan City, Taiwan (ROC). In English with Chinese translation.

  • The importance of cultivating motivation at the beginning of any activity
  • The three motivations to recall each morning
  • Examining what anger is
  • Techniques to use when anger arises

Examining anger and it’s antidotes, part 1 (download)

  • Questions and answers
    • Is the teaching on anger related to the paramita of fortitude?
    • Can you turn conventional truths into ultimate truths with vipassana?
    • How do you deal with anger at yourself?
    • Is the emptiness taught in Buddhism taught in Confucianism?
    • Is emptiness related to what Descartes said—I think therefore I exist?
    • Is vipassana taught in other religions?
    • Is it really possible to benefit all sentient beings?
    • Why do people talk about a feeling of fear when they talk about emptiness?
    • Does emptiness mean letting go?

Examining anger and it’s antidotes, part 2 Q and A (download)

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