Founding donor’s day

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Celebration of Venerable Chodron’s 30 years as a monastic

  • Expressing respect and gratitude for Venerable Thubten Chodron’s teachings and guidance, 30 years of monastic life, and the founding of Sravasti Abbey
  • Offering of mandala and White Tara practice, wishing Venerable Chodron a long and healthy life and requesting for her teachings and guidance in this and all future lives until Enlightenment

Founding Donor’s Day 01 (download)

How Sravasti Abbey came into existence

  • Venerable Chodron’s ordination and early years as a monastic
    • Valuing the opportunity to live in monastic communities and constantly receive teachings from her teachers
  • Ribur Rinpoche’s advice to start a monastic community on her own
  • Selection and significance of the name “Sravasti Abbey”
  • Reasons for wanting to have both monks and nuns at the Abbey
  • How a Buddha statue and the thangkas of Manjusri and Maitreya were offered to the Abbey
  • The Kangyur and Tangyur procured through fortuitous circumstances even before a home was found for the Abbey
  • Series of events resulted in the abbey finding its current home
  • The need for more buildings for growing Sravasti Abbey community

Founding Donor’s Day 02 (download)

Building the monastic residence

  • The need for space and outlines of building projects, the first of which is the construction of the monastic residence
  • Questions and answers with Tim Wilson, an architect who designed the monastic residence
  • Expressing gratitude to donors and helpers especially the local and Coeur d’Alene volunteers and invitation to receive gifts from Venerable Chodron

Founding Donor’s Day 03 (download)


  • The aspirations of founding donors and supporters
  • Venerable Chodron’s talk on the power of aspiration
  • Prayer recitation
  • Sample of the 85 prayers of aspirations submitted by some of Sravasti Abbey’s founding donors and supporters
  • The procession to escort the Buddha statue to its new home in the garden

Founding Donor’s Day 04 (download)

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