Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Verses 114-Colophon

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An expanded commentary on Dharmarakshita’s The Wheel of Sharp Weapons given at Sravasti Abbey from 2004-2006.

Verses 114-115

  • Seeing the situation of samsara clearly for what it is
  • The two truths
  • The four-point analysis
  • Meditative equipoise, the union of shamatha and vipassana

Wheel of Sharp Weapons (expanded): Verses 114-Colophon, Part 1 (download)

Verses 116-Conclusion

  • Importance of keeping precepts and holding to ethical norms
  • Going from “truly existent” karma to emptiness, and getting confused
  • Practicing the altruistic intention, accumulating merit
  • Practicing the ultimate bodhicitta, accumulating wisdom
  • The enemy is the self-centered mind and the self-grasping ignorance

Wheel of Sharp Weapons (expanded): Verses 114-Colophon, Part 2 (download)

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